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Private Pilot

The objective of this course is for a person without pilot experience to opt for a private pilot license in Chile, a private pilot certificate, it is a type of pilot license that allows the holder to act as pilot in command of an aircraft privately. (not for remuneration).

Piloto Comercial

Start your private pilot career

Licensing requirements are determined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), but implementation varies greatly from country to country.


According to ICAO, it is earned by successfully completing a course with at least 45 hours of flight time, passing DGAC written exams, completing a solo cross-country flight (minimum cumulative solo flight time is 10 hours ), and successfully demonstrate flight skills to an examiner during a flight test (including an oral exam).

In Chile, pilots can receive training under DAN 141, which allows them to apply for their certificate after as little as 35 hours. However, most pilots need between 60 and 70 flight hours to complete their training.

Piloto Comercial

A practical course:


Obtaining the certificate of approval of the theoretical course by the DGAC, the flight stage begins. Which contemplates:

  • 40 flight hours in instruction, with an instructor certified by the DGAC. After the flight stage, the student will be presented by his instructor before the DGAC; to present their oral operational exam, in front of an inspector.

  • 02 hours of flight for practical flight test, before DGAC inspector.

Once the final check is approved, you will receive your private pilot flight license, issued by the DGAC.

Accumulation of hours: 

  1. The student pilot, already with his private pilot license, must fly 60 flight hours.


1. Carry out a medical check-up required by the DGAC:

  • Physical Medical Examination with Aptitude Qualification.

  • Control of Vital Signs.

  • Anthropometry.

  • Consult Otorhinolaryngology.

  • Audiometry in silent chambers.

  • Ophthalmological consultation.

  • Complete Optometry (Includes Color Test and Visual Acuity).

  • Definition of Psychological Profile (Edwards, General Capacity and


  • Psychological consultation.

  • Nutritional Consultation.

  • Dental consultation.

2. Minimum age to start studies: 17 years.

3. Minimum age to fly: 18 years.

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