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Cursos de piloto

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This course aims to train pilots capable of performing instrument flights, in weather conditions that do not allow visual references, night flights, etc., understanding and mastering the rules of instrument flight.

Objective of this course

The objective is to be able to execute maneuvers contemplated in the instruction manuals with the purpose that the pilot can achieve and demonstrate the expertise required by the Licensing Regulation for aeronautical personnel DAR-61, to obtain the instrument flight rating.

Theoretical Course:

On-site or virtual theoretical classes, the student will be instructed with the different subjects required by the DGAC and must pass with a minimum of 80%.

Once all the subjects are finished, they will present a theoretical exam to the DGAC. Where it also requires a minimum of 70% to pass each subject.


Once the DGAC exam is approved, the theoretical course is considered finished.

Cursos de piloto
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A practical course:

Obtaining the certificate of approval of the theoretical course by the DGAC, the flight stage begins. Which contemplates:

  • 20 hours of flight training in a flight simulator, with an instructor certified by the DGAC. Where the required maneuvers will be practiced.

  • 20 hours of flight by plane, with an instructor certified by the DGAC.

  • After the flight stage, the student will be introduced by his instructor

    before the DGAC; for oral operational examination, in front of an inspector.

  • 02 hours of flight for practical flight test, before DGAC inspector.

    Once the final check is approved, you will receive your private pilot flight license, with INSTRUMENT FLIGHT RATING issued by the DGAC.

Accumulation of hours: 

  1. The student pilot, already with his private pilot license with instrument flight rating, must fly 36 hours of flight.

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